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Are you tired of using an outdated cane that feels shaky and unreliable? The Walking Stick is built with premium lightweight and durable materials for maximum safety, comfort and mobility. With dual pivoting handles, the Walking Stick offers maximum leverage and support for sitting and standing, which reduces pain and excess strain on back and legs. Walking Stick folds compactly for car, bus, and air travel and includes a helpful LED light for evening strolls and dim rooms. Simply, spread pivoting handles and push down to lift yourself up from a sitting position or hold as a support when lowering yourself onto a seat. Do not take the risk of holding onto unsteady objects or old rickety canes that might break and get the high quality Walking Stick today! 

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Hiking staffs are standard equipment for many walkers, hikers, trekkers, backpackers and snowshoers. The reasons why are simple: They enhance your stability and provide support on all types of terrain. Hiking staffs will not decrease your overall energy expenditure since you'll be using your arms more than you would when walking without poles. They do, however, help distribute your energy usage in a way that can help your hiking endurance. The Foldable Walking Stick is suitable for both men and women, and suitable for different heights, just use the push button mechanism to adjust it to suit your height. It features a non-slip rubber foot enabling a firm grip on any surface, so there is no need to worry about slipping. Comes with FREE wrist strap for extra safety.

This top of the range Foldable Walking Stick snaps open in seconds ready to use, providing a strong reliable support and comfortable grip. It has been designed with convenience in mind, easily folded into four sections making it small enough to slip into your bag, carry or store away when not in use. The Foldable Walking Stick features a moulded handle shaped for extra comfort, designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. If you suffer with arthritic pain in your hands you will find the handle easy to grip without suffering. Painful pressure points. The handle will give you a comfortable secure grip, so comfortable you can use it for long periods at a time.


100% Brand new and High quality

Easy to use

Ultimate Stability

Retracts right back for easy storage

Twin-Grip Cane extends in a snap

Walk up and down challenging hills with confidence

Adjustable length 86 to 96 cm

Easy to carry

Double handle design

It is with a super bright LED light. You can see in the dark and be seen at night

Folds in seconds

Quadruple tread base

Lightweight and Durable design

Rod tip diameter is small, it can be easily inserted into the sand in the soil, and to adapt to any terrain

Spring shock absorber design, can reduce the impact of wrist, arm and shoulder

Adjustable wrist strap, can relax or tightened, can simply be adjusted to the extent required firm

Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent it from sinking into soft dirt or sand

Durable & adjustable wrist straps provides a safer, more secure grip

Rubber handle and with soft sponge, very comfortable to hold

This 3-section adjustable telescopic pole with ergonomic design, it's very comfortable and safe to use


It is very light to carry and useful when you climb a high mountain.

Tough strap crossing the grip for safer trekking


Corrosion resistant

Light and Portable

Designed for comfortable, durable, strong , non-slippery and flexible

It is to help you or someone you love stand up or sit down more easily and safely. Standing up from a sitting position can be a real challenge and reaching out for unsteady objects can be dangerous!

Offers more strength and stability

The pivoting quad base is ergonomically designed. It features a 360 degree free rotation and 4 points of contact for independent standing and free bending. Supports up to 250 pounds. The powerful lamp provides exceptional brightness which allows you to walk better, see better, and feel better.The pivoting quad base four-tier design allows for better traction; prevents falls and keeps you safe.

Built-in 6PCS LED lights. Directly point forward 20 meters and adjust to different illumination angles. The revolutionary Path lighter cane not only provides the exceptional support of traditional orthopedic offset style canes, it offers the added safety of a light built right into the shaft to help see what surrounds you. It provides additional safety in the dark for the vision impaired as well as peace of mind for their loved ones.

Comfort Handle. Made of soft sponge but very sturdy to grip. Lightweight and foldable, it is convenient to carry into your bag.

With the latest design, characterized by a resilient sponge handle, an adjustable LED light, a pivoting base with 4 points of contact inspired by the human ankle, and a shaft free to adjust to the user's height, the cane is the best walking helper to the senior

Extra wide pivoting base

Foldable for easy travel

A great gift for you parents or elder

This cane designed not only be functional but to also be fashionable and stylish


Suitable for climbing, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities

Grip (Handle) Material: ABS

Stick Material: Aluminum​

Dimension: 16 cm x 95 cm

Perfect for old folk, jungle tracking and hiking

Colors: Black


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