Nanex Always Dry Textile & Leather functions as an ultra-thin invisible protection layer and does not influence the breathability of the fabric. Nanex keeps your clothes, shoes looking as new for a long time. 

How does it work: 

The coating attaches itself around every individual fiber of the coated material and protects against stains. In addition, the coating is superhydrophobic, which means it is water repellent. 

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Liquids that get repelled: 

All liquids except acids 

• Water, coffee, wine, mud, ... 

• Oils and sticky liquids like ketchup should only be removed with water to prevent rubbing it into the fiber and leaving a stain. 

Active stain resistance: 

• 3 months for intensive use (sports gear, ...) 

• 3 → 6 months: Textile & leather 

• 6 → 18 months: Suede & nubuck 

Improved life expectancy: 

• Reducing wear and tear by protecting your goods from liquids and stains


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